Merger and Acquisition Process

M&A is the financial transaction between the companies to consolidates its business operations and this can be of different types including mergers, acquisitions, purchase of assets, and management buyouts. This term has often been used exchangeable for both mergers and acquisitions but they have different meanings. In this blog, we will learn about the concept …

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Discounted Cash Flow Model

In this blog, we will learn about one of the key models in finance called Discounted Cash Flow Model. We are continuously working to bring relevant materials for you to improve your knowledge in the field of finance and accounting and help you excel in your academics. If you are struggling with your finance assignment, …

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Organizational Communication: Importance and Strategy

Communication is one of the most important concepts in the field of business management. It plays a very significant role in an organization to achieve the strategic goal, mission, and vision of the organization. Many studies have been conducted to analyze the need and importance of organizational communication. Research studies have found effective communication is …

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