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Let us learn some important terms used in political science

Political science is a branch of sociology that studies the state and its institutions. The main goals of political science are to understand how politics works, who makes decisions, and how these decisions are made. Political science also studies different types of governments and their advantages and disadvantages. Let us look at some of the key terms used in political science.

  • The state: The state is a political entity with a monopoly on the legitimate use of force. The state is composed of institutions, such as the government, the judiciary, and the bureaucracy, which make and enforce decisions.
  • Politics: Politics is the process by which a group of people makes decisions. In politics, individuals compete for resources and power in order to achieve their goals.
  • Government: The government is the institution of the state that makes and enforces decisions. The government is composed of elected officials and bureaucrats.
  • Bureaucracy: The bureaucracy is the administrative arm of the state. It is composed of professional administrators who implement decisions made by the government.
  • Judiciary: The judiciary is the branch of the state that interprets and applies the law.
  • Political culture: Political culture is the set of beliefs, values, and norms that shape political behavior.
  • Political socialization: Political socialization is the process by which individuals learn about politics. It occurs through family, education, the media, and other institutions.
  • Citizenship: Citizenship is the status of being a member of a state. Citizens have certain rights and responsibilities, such as the right to vote and the responsibility to obey the law.
  • Civil society: Civil society is the network of organizations and groups that exist outside of the state. Civil society includes NGOs, trade unions, and religious groups.
  • Pluralism: Pluralism is the belief that multiple groups with different interests can coexist peacefully in a society.
  • Elitism: >Elitism is the belief that a small group of elites should rule society.

  • Authoritarianism: Authoritarianism is a form of government in which one person or group has absolute power.
  • Democracy: Democracy is a form of government in which all citizens have the right to participate in the political process.
  • Republic: A republic is a form of government in which the head of state is not a monarch.
  • Constitution: A constitution is a set of rules that governs the operation of a government.
  • Federalism: Federalism is a system of government in which power is divided between a central government and regional governments.
  • Unitary state: A unitary state is a state in which power is centralized in the hands of the central government.
  • Devolution: Devolution is the transfer of power from the central government to regional governments.
  • Separation of powers: The separation of powers is a system of government in which the executive, legislature, and judiciary are separate.
  • Checks and balances: Checks and balances are a system of government in which each branch of government has the power to check the actions of the other branches.
  • Political parties: Political parties are organizations that represent different interests within society. They compete for power in elections.
  • Interest groups: Interest groups are organizations that represent the interests of a specific group of people. They lobby the government for policy changes.
  • Lobbying: Lobbying is the act of trying to influence the decisions of government officials.
  • Campaign finance: Campaign finance is the money used to support political campaigns.
  • Voting: Voting is the process by which citizens elect officials to public office.

  • Electoral system: The electoral system is the method used to select officials for public office.
  • First-past-the-post: First-past-the-post is an electoral system in which the candidate with the most votes wins.
  • Proportional representation: Proportional representation is an electoral system in which the number of seats a party wins is proportional to the number of votes it receives.
  • Referendum: A referendum is a vote on a specific issue.
  • Initiative: An initiative is a process by which citizens can propose laws.

  • Recall: Recall is a process by which citizens can remove an elected official from office.
  • Term limits: Term limits are restrictions on the amount of time an elected official can serve in office.
  • Veto: A veto is the power of an executive to reject a law passed by the legislature.
  • Bicameral legislature: A bicameral legislature is a legislature that has two chambers.
  • Unicameral legislature: A unicameral legislature is a legislature that has one chamber.

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