Our Refund Policy and Revison Policy

We are highly committed to providing excellent services. However, in certain situations, we also initiate a refund to our valued users. We request you to go through our refund policy carefully to understand how and when we initiate a refund. Below stated policies are enforced to both parties, you and writemyassignmentus.com.

1. Refund on the cancellation request

  • If you request to cancel your order without any dispute between you and the company, the company would charge 20% of the total agreed amount of the assignment as a service charge if the expert has not started working on your assignment.
  • If the expert has started working on your assignment and then you are placing a cancellation request, the company would charge the effort made by the expert in order to compensate his/her effort and the remaining amount will be refunded. In order to prove the effort of the expert, the company would deliver the work done by the expert.

2. Paying multiple times for the same assignment

  • If the company has charged you multiple times for the same assignment, please provide us the receipt. We will initiate a refund of the remaining account directly to your bank account.
  • You can also use those amounts for your next assignment or recharge your wallet to use the amount in the future.

3. Not meeting the requirement of the assignment

  • We ensure that we assign your assignment to the best expert to deliver a quality solution within the deadline. However, if we fail to do so or the expert is not available due to some unforeseen circumstances, we will initiate the refund before the deadline.
  • Your satisfaction and experience are of utmost importance to us. We ensure that you are satisfied and happy with our services and hence we provide unlimited revision to meet your expectation and standard within the ambit of the initial requirement of the assignment. If you receive a fail grade on the assignment, we will refund the amount after-tax deduction.
  • If we fail to meet the deadline of the assignment, we would initiate a refund if you claim it.
  • If the requirement of the assignment provided by you is not complete, we would email you regarding the requirement and if you fail to respond within 24 hours, the expert will complete the assignment based on whatever requirement is available. In this case, the revision will not be made if you come with additional requirements after the delivery of the assignment.
  • We are ready to amend the solution and add additional requirements as well. But you will be charged for the additional requirement.