How to do a Personal SWOT Analysis?

What is a personal SWOT analysis?

Everybody has their own talents and using these talents to the fullest helps them flourish in any task. Similarly knowing your weakness helps you avoid certain things thus maintaining your efficacy. Taking a personal SWOT analysis, a way of finding out one’s own strengths and weaknesses which helps them in grabbing all possible opportunities. Knowing these details about oneself helps in building a technique that can be followed at all times. 

S.W.O.T in SWOT analysis features to Strengths, Weakness, opportunities, and Threats. The use and application of SWOT Analysis is in various fields and in case this case we are going to talk about how it helps a person in truly discovering their capabilities. There might be some hidden strengths that you might not know about, you can uncover these strengths and feel confident about the strengths you possess. As you discover strengths you also uncover some weaknesses.

You can now work on your weakness and try not to show it to others or turn it into one of your strengths. Opportunities are something that everyone looks out for, but you should select an opportunity that goes hand in hand with your strength. Opportunities can also be certain programs that will help you in overall development like an educational course or a competition. You should always look out for threats that will stop yours from succeeding and steer clear from them.

How to do my assignment in a personal SWOT analysis?

To get a detailed SWOT analysis you have to answer a set of questions. Many have the doubt of “How do I Do My Assignment?”, “Do I randomly answer them all and look the answers?”, “Should I take an online test?” and the answer to this is - It’s your choice. 

If you are doing this manually make sure you have enough questions that will give you insights about yourself. To write the answers you can go online and search for personal swot analysis templates. Download them, print them out and fill the answers in those templates or simply make 4 boxes and write your answers in those.  

If you go for an online assessment the website will ask you a series of questions and your answers will be evaluated by that website and the results will be given. Online assessments have different types of questions and all these questions help in giving you a SWOT analysis.

After you get the swot analysis it is important for you to work on it. The result will show clear pointers on where you are lacking so keep working on that. Consistency is the key and if you take it lightly you cannot see any progress.  

How to go about with a personal SWOT analysis?

Before you go for a personal SWOT analysis it is important to consider yourself to be a product that consists of different segments. These segments will be your internal qualities. There are millions of similar products in the world but you need to stand out against all of them and this will be your goal. 

There are certain things that you cannot control and there is always somebody better than you at something so rather than focusing on others, think about you and your qualities and assess yourself accordingly. It is important, to be honest, and open about what you feel and describe your characteristics honestly. 

Where to get an online assignment in a personal SWOT analysis?

There are various online websites that help you with questions and conducting your assignment on swot analysis. The use of SWOT analysis is in various fields so there are various tools for businesses, private institutions, NGOs, and others. Finding a personal online assignment is difficult because other websites that offer different SWOT assignments use the same keywords which make them pop up in search results even though they are irrelevant but with some search tips, you can find the right website. 

You can search for these websites by typing”Doswot analysis online” or “Assignment Help Online *Personal Swot analysis” The do assignment part helps in finding out online assignments and the *personal swot analysis will filter out the results and show you only those websites that offer personal swot analysis. 

Online templates are also available for personal SWOT Analysis, you can print them out, and take the assignment. You need to manually fill out the answers on the printout and you will have your very own personal swot analysis. 

Benefits of personal SWOT analysis 

Before knowing the benefits, it is important to know that there are certain questions that you can ask yourself and note down the insights but it is also important to look at why you’re doing this and what you want to gain after completing this assessment. The assessment might be for personal development, it might be for improving a certain skill or it might relate to your job and career. So, think about the end result and what you desire and ask yourself some questions accordingly. 

  • Helps you know where you stand - The swot analysis has all the necessary insights that you need to assess yourself and know where you stand among other people. 
  • Make strategies - Now that you know your strengths, weaknesses you can make plans on how you will build yourself and stand out from everyone who competes with you. 
  • Shows how far you are away from your goal - SWOT analysis is done based on the end goal in mind. When you write down all the insights you have a clear vision of how far you are from achieving your goal and how much hard work, you’ll have to put in to reach that end result. 
  • Helps you grow - After the Assignment Writing is done you get your swot analysis and get to know where do you need to work and how much effort to put in. This helps in perfecting your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses. 
  • Helps in understanding yourself - When you start working on yourself you get an idea of your capabilities and this helps in building confidence and a positive attitude. When you carry the same attitude when you face any challenge this helps you have a clear mind and be efficient. 

Best practices for personal SWOT analysis

In SWOT assignment writing, all you have to do is answer a bunch of questions, take the result, and work on yourself. But if you take the test manually then you need to ask yourself different questions to know about different traits. The important part is the questions that you need to ask yourself because the answers and SWOT analysis is completely based on that. 

  • Under strengths, you can ask yourself 
  1. What are my natural talents?
  2. What is that I enjoy doing?
  3. Talents that I developed.
  4. The skills I can learn easily.
  • Under weaknesses, you can ask yourself 
  1. Where do I waste the most time?
  2. What are my unhealthy habits?
  3. What do people think about where I need to improve?
  4. Where do I lack in education?
  • Under opportunities, you can ask yourself 
  1. What are the courses I can take up?
  2. What is the best internship I can join?
  3. Where do I apply for my job?
  4. Do I need to upgrade my skills or focus on something else?
  • Under threats, you can ask yourself 
  1. Habits I need to get rid of.
  2. People I should stay away from.
  3. Who is the biggest competition for me now?
  4. Am I qualified enough to take this seriously?

After writing down the list of questions you can make 4 boxes and label them as Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and threats and fill the answers in their respective boxes. You can also label them colors; the strengths box can be colored with green as you can control your strengths. The weakness box can be labeled and orange because you can do something about your weakness if you wish so. The opportunities can be colors with yellow because the opportunities present themselves to you but you can only choose to take it or leave it. The color of threats is red because you cannot control them and nor can make them go away. 

Examples of personal SWOT analysis

  • Example one

Here we have aSWOT analysis of an individual who made this analysis focusing on their career. 

The advantages of the column show all the positive traits that he holds like, Master’s degree, Team player, Quick learner, etc. These were probably on the weakness side of the SWOT analysis one upon a time but he worked on these traits and make them his strengths. The weakness side has qualities like procrastination, disorderliness, etc. These are the areas where he has to work on. The opportunities side is a list of opportunities that are available for him.

TED talks, communication opportunities, and English learning club are available to gain insight. He has to careful before selecting any opportunity, for example, if he chooses Ted talks idea and tries it out he might be good it at because of proficient English which is a strength but the material might be not as great as it could be because he might procrastinate till the last moment and give only 80% on preparing content. This proves that opportunities go hand in hand with skills and weaknesses. So, the more you work on developing strengths the better the opportunities are and so is your performance. There are many other examples which are available online and all you need to do is search for “Assignment help online *personal SWOT analysis”.

  • Example two

Here is a picture of a SWOT analysis which was processed through the Online Assignment Writing site. The strengths side include factors like Great oral communication, enthusiasm, effective leadership skills Great attention to detail, pride in a job done well. These factors are very important while working a job and makes things easier in the workplace. Some skills like paying attention to detail will help him so all his tasks perfectly and give no scope to complain. The weakness side includes factors like Difficulty following rather than leading, cannot focus well on independent work, Ineffective written communication skills, and poor time-management skills. Working on this weakness will help him apply for a promotion or ask for a pay rise in case there are any opportunities.

In the opportunities side, we see that there is a chance of promotion, pay raise, and skill development. If he works on his strengths he can apply for a promotion or pay rise and if he thinks he is not ready he can go for skill development and apply for a promotion next time. The threats include - a colleague who may also be interested in the management position that will soon be available; the next performance review may not go well if time-management skills do not improve. So, he should keep the threats in mind and work accordingly. If he ignores the threats, he might lose the promotion and get a bad performance review.