How to Write an Argumentative Essay

How to Write an Essay? This is the first question that clicks in the mind when you think of writing an essay. It is not an easy task to write an essay as it requires a lot of effort, time, knowledge, etc. There are some rules which make it difficult to write a good essay. The first and foremost thing is that the essay should have a clear message so that the reader can easily understand the purpose of the essay. Some of the basic rules which make it difficult to write a good essay are the following; the opening paragraph of the paper should clearly describe what the writer is going to discuss in the essay. This blog post is helpful in understanding how to write an argumentative essay.

The organization of the essay should cover a set of list of subtopics. It helps in supporting the thesis statement. The paragraph should start with an opening sentence in order to explain what the paragraph is going to discuss. Writers should create a transition between paragraphs so that one paragraph follows from the next. The writer should explain those terms, etc. if there are jargon or novel terms.

Apart from these rules, there are different forms of essays that also make it very tough to write a good essay such as Argumentative Essay, Narrative Essay, Expository Essay, Descriptive Essay, etc. It is important to understand how to write each form of the essay to write an effective essay. So, I am writing this blog to help you understand how to write an argumentative essay. But before going into detail, let’s understand the concept of an argumentative essay. In case, you need the support of professional experts to draft your argumentative essay, contact our support team 24*7 at Assignment Help Online.

What is an Argumentative Essay?

An Argumentative Essay is one of the types of essay which cover arguments about both the positive as well as the negative side of the concerned issue. The essay should cover both sides such as the positive and negative of the issue equally balanced. However, it is not always necessary to discuss the positive and negative sides of the issue in an equally balanced way. Sometimes, the writer emphasizes one side of the issue more than the other side. It depends on the author of the essay.

If the writer supports the positive side of the issue, he or she may emphasize the positive side more than the negative side and vice-versa. Under the argumentative essay, the author tries to convince the readers to accept the argument made in the essay. The author also convinces the readers to switch to the side of the author on the concerned issue. It is necessary to support either the positive side or negative side of the issue with facts in order to convince the readers. Apart from this, there are some rules of writing a good argumentative essay that the author should keep in mind while writing the essay.

The first thing is that the author should select a topic that has more than one clear side. If the topic of the essay has only one side, the writer cannot write an Argumentative Essay. After selecting the topic for the essay, it is necessary to identify, collect, as well as evaluate relevant and credible sources. It helps in providing evidence to support the argument. There are four main parts of an Argumentative Essay such as a compelling argument, a clear stance on the issue, evidence to support the claim, an unbiased and solid counter-argument. Here is an example of an Argumentative Essay. It will help you to get an idea to write an effective essay.

Argumentative Essay Example

It is always easy to understand with the help of an example. Therefore, an example has been presented here to help you understand essay writing. Professional experts at provide an excellent piece of paper. Visit the site and just ask to Write My Essay and the expert will provide you with a professionally written essay.

Schools should switch to electronic textbooks from a real textbook

Hundreds of pieces of paper make a real textbook. Making a real textbook comprised of hundreds of papers is costly and it is also harmful to the environment. Electronic textbooks do not require a piece of paper and it also does not affect the environment. Therefore, switching to the electronic textbook from the real textbook is an ideal step. Thus, colleges should focus on switching to electronic textbooks. Nowadays, electronic textbooks are widely available on different platforms such as Amazon. Moreover, students are also purchasing electronic textbooks from those platforms. It has made it very easy to use electronic textbooks rather than real textbooks.

The main concern of switching to the electronic textbook from the real textbook is the environment. The strength of a regular class is around 50 to 80 students. As it has been discussed that a real book is comprised of hundreds of pieces of paper, thus it can be understood that 50 real textbooks will be comprised of several thousands of pieces of paper. This is the case of only one class. Similarly, we can imagine how many pieces of paper will be used to provide real textbooks to the student of a university. Here, it is very clear to understand the impact of making a real textbook on the environment. It will significantly affect or damage the environment. It is because trees are cut to make pieces of paper. Therefore, switching to electronic textbooks is necessary to protect the environment. 

Apart from environmental concerns, cost is also one of the main concerns. Making a real textbook is very expensive. Hence, the students have to incur more money to purchase a real textbook than an electronic textbook. By purchasing an electronic textbook, a student can save almost half the money which would be originally paid on a real textbook. Thus, focusing on electronic textbooks will help in saving money for the student.

Apart from protecting the environment and saving money of the student, an electronic textbook is also convenient to store and carry. The students can easily carry electronic textbooks with themselves every time while real textbook is tough to carry every time. A real textbook also needs space to store. Apart from this, the real textbook also produces waste in the form of paper. There are several books that are upgraded every year and hence the previous version of the books is a waste. On the other hand, electronic books do not produce waste. Thus, it is better to switch to electronic books from real books. 


The above example of an argumentative essay may have helped you to understand the way to write a good piece of an essay. If you are still confused and not able to come up with an effective essay, do not be bothered. Use Argumentative Essay Help and our writer will deliver you the essay that will boost your grades greatly. Feel free to contact our support team 24*7 at for any type of help with assignments. 

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