Organizational Communication: Importance and Strategy

Communication is one of the most important concepts in the field of business management. It plays a very significant role in an organization to achieve the strategic goal, mission, and vision of the organization. Many studies have been conducted to analyze the need and importance of organizational communication. Research studies have found effective communication is necessary for organizations to achieve success in the cut-throat competitive market. So, in this blog, we will understand the concept of communication, its needs, and its importance. We will also learn the way to develop effective communication within organizations to ensure the smooth functioning of business operations.

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What is organizational communication?

Organizational communication also called corporate communication can be defined as a process of sending and receiving among individuals within a particular setting or environment in order to achieve the common goal. It is highly contextual and significantly determined by culture. People within an organizational setting communicate with each other or transmit information through written messages, face-to-face, or mediated channels. It serves different purposes such as;

  • Communication helps in completing a task related to a particular role and responsibility.
  • It helps in implementing organizational change through organizational adaptation and creativity.
  • Organizational communication helps in accomplishing a task through the maintenance of policies and procedures.
  • It helps in developing interpersonal relationships within the organization.

Organizational communication is largely focused on developing interpersonal relationships as well as interacting with the key stakeholders of the organization. It is necessary to transmit necessary information across the organization so that every member of the organization can be made aware of the recent happening in the organization. Thus, developing effective organizational communication is necessary for every organization.

Importance of organizational communication

Organizational communication leads an organization to achieve its strategic goals and objectives. It also determines the organizational performance and productivity. Apart from this, organizational communication helps an organization in many other ways that is important to understand to develop an effective communication strategy for the organization. Organizational communication promotes motivation within the organization by informing as well as clarifying the roles and responsibilities of employees. It can also inform employees about how to improve their performance and productivity. Organizational communication is a source of information for every member of the organization.

It helps in formulating a better and informed decision. Effective communication also leads to identify and assess the alternative course of action. Organizational communication plays a very important role in modifying attitude, perception, and point of view of an individual within the organization. It also helps the organization to makes its new members socialize within the organizational environment. And it significantly assists in the controlling process. Effective communication within the organization helps in controlling the behavior of employees.

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The direction of organizational communication

The direction of organizational communication plays an important role in establishing effective communication within the organization. It determines the effectiveness of communication. The organizational structure affects the direction of communication within the organization. It may take place upward, downward, or horizontally. Upward organizational takes place from a lower level to a higher level within the organization. Staff of the organization initiate it and it takes place in the form of requests or complaints. Downward communication takes place from the top level to the bottom level in the form of order or direction. Horizontal communication takes place between colleagues when they meet to discuss common issues, share information, or resolve problems.

Organizational communication strategy

It is very essay to say that effective communication should be established within the organization but it is very tough to establish because it requires a set of effective strategies. Knowing and understanding strategies of organizational communication will help you develop an effective communication plan for business. The following steps will help you develop communication strategies.

Understand the audience

The effectiveness of communication depends significantly on the audience. If you do not understand your audience, you may not communicate effectively with them. So, you need to understand your audience.

Safeguard credibility in order to build trust and loyalty

You always should focus on safeguarding the credibility of the information. It helps in creating trust and loyalty. People will follow what you say.

Integrate business strategy to the communication plan

Communication plan or strategy should reflect or integrate with the business strategy. It will help in achieving business goals and objectives.

Create relevant and engaging content

The content should be relevant and engaging in order to create interest and motivate audiences to engage in the process. Content that is not relevant and engaging, does not attract the audience to engage in the process. Thus, it is very important to create relevant and engaging content.

Select the appropriate channel

Channel of communication significantly determines the effectiveness of communication. Therefore, you need to select a channel of communication very carefully. 

Implement the right communication technology

Communication technology is also very important. Implementing the right communication technology will help you establishing effective communication within the organization.

Maintain consistency throughout the process

It improves the effectiveness of communication along with creating a strong employment brand. 

Listen to every employee

You need to listen to the concern of every member of the organization in order to create a healthy interpersonal relationship. 

Take and provide feedback

Feedback should be taken and provided on a regular basis to make necessary changes within the organization to improve the effectiveness of organizational communication.

Measures the outcomes and make necessary changes if required

You need to measure the outcomes of communication in order to evaluate the effectiveness. The organization should make necessary changes to achieve the expected outcomes.


In the conclusion section, summarize all key points to give an overview of the paper. It is also important to know that the conclusion section should not include extra information.

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