Research Topics in Human Resource Management

Human resource is considered as one of the most crucial assets in the business world. That’s why it is one of the most interesting management subjects that attract many students. Most of the students opt for human resource management if they are business students. If you are also a business student and studying human resource management as a part of your academics, you might be looking for exciting Research Topics in Human Resource Management in order to write your upcoming assignment. This blog will enlighten you with some exciting research topics and hence your search for the topic will end here. Before going into detail, it is important to understand why the importance of human resources is increasing day by day.

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Importance of human resource

Human resource is the key source of competitive advantages in the organization. The level of competition in the business world is increasing every day because more and more companies are entering the market. In order to compete in a competitive environment, it is important to have a talented human resource within the organization because they help the organization to gain competitive advantages. As the business industries are being expanded, companies realize the importance of the human resource. Thus, human resources who are experienced and knowledgeable are considered valuable assets of the organization because they contribute to achieving organizational goals. Some several aspects and factors are important to study in order to be a valuable resource for an organization. Here is a list of key research topics that you should know.

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Key research topics

Topic1: What are the advantages and disadvantages of recruiting from universities?

Topic2: How does Human Resource Management help in managing diversity and cultural differences?

Topic3: Managing diversity through HRM: A conceptual framework and an international perspective.

Topic4: Cross-cultural HRM- The role it plays in the success of an organization

Topic5: The ethics of firing employees: Do organizations really follow it?

Topic6: Does HRM have a negative impact on the performance of business organizations- A qualitative study

Topic7: Studying the key elements of the performance management framework

Topic8: The effect of open communication in improving employee engagement in an organization

Topic9: Work motivation and employee satisfaction- Are they both related?

Topic10: Should an organization pay for the education of its employees?

Topic11: What are the key factors that can increase employee loyalty?

Topic12: Resolving conflict in the organization: How can HR manager and the employer manage cultural differences in a global organization?

Topic13: Analysing the role of employee motivation in performance improvement

Topic14: Analysing the impact of artificial intelligence on improving human resource practices

Topic15: What are the opportunities and risks of recruiting new team members?

Topic16: Outsourcing and freelancing: Is it wise to put the future of the organization in the hand of freelancers?

Topic17: HR managers: Rules for Selection, recruitment, hiring, and education.

Topic18: The green HRM practices and their impact on the image of an organization

Topic19: Analysing the effect of employee engagement on customer loyalty in an organization

Topic20: Talent hunting and talent management: What is the responsibility of an HR manager?

Topic21: Overqualified employees: What should a human resource manager do with an overqualified employee?

Topic22: Character types: How do they affect team building in an organization?

Topic23: What are the factors affecting employee productivity?

Topic24: Protecting organizational data in the age of technology.

Topic25: How an organization can encourage diversity of workforce? What is the impact of diversity on workplace dynamics?

Topic26: Workplace harassment and bullying: How can a human resource manager deal with these challenges?

Topic27: Impact of wage on employee productivity: How it can be used to increase the motivation of employees?

Topic28: What are the contemporary HR issues? How can HR managers resolve these issues?

Topic29: New labor laws: What are the most critical issues?

Topic30: Are all employees paid equally? How can the HR manager address this issue?

Topic31: What are the factors that motivate employees to work more?

Topic32: Laws against religious and sexual discrimination.

Topic33: What are the current human resource challenges? How they can be addressed?

Topic34: HR planning in merger and acquisition.

Topic35: What is the best way to judge the performance of an employee? What are the tools and criteria used for successful evaluation?

Topic36: Effective communication and its impact on the success of the organization.

Topic37: How does a human resource specialist deal with job satisfaction, commitment, and loyalty?

Topic38: Health issues in the organization: How can it affect the productivity of the organization?

Topic39: Analyzing the impact of COVID-19 on virtual employee management practices

Topic40: Analyzing the impact of digitalization on changing human resource management practices


The above research topics will help you select your topic of interest and draft of the paper. You need to focus on the structure and format of the research paper because the structure and format of the research paper are very important. So, We will talk about the structure and format of the research paper in another blog.

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