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What is an Argumentative Essay?

In simple terms, an argumentative essay can be defined as a type of academic writing that presents the author's position on a particular issue and then attempts to influence the reader's view or perspective on the same issue. An essay can be argumentative in two ways.

  1. A writer might take a side on an issue and then present evidence, facts, reasons, etc., that clearly demonstrate why his/her position is right and other positions are wrong. This type of argumentative essay can be persuasive or dissuasive.
  2. A writer might acknowledge that his/her position is different from other positions on the same issue and then try to prove why this difference is significant. This type of argumentative essay can be one, both, or neither of the persuading or dissuading kind. It depends on whether the writer tries to convince the reader to accept his/her position or simply analyze the different perspectives on a particular issue.

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When writing an argumentative essay, one must take care of several things that mostly include:

  1. Choosing a correct position on a given topic that is debatable.
  2. Organizing the paper in a proper sequence and without any contradictions.
  3. Using correct language and having a clear conclusion.
  4. Provide evidence to back up your position. If you do not know what is an argumentative essay, it will be hard for you to write a successful argumentative paper.

If you want to become a good writer and express your thoughts on different topics, feel free to learn more about argumentative essays and practice writing. Contact us now.

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Often, students are asked by their professors to write an argumentative essay. But only a few of them can write an effective essay. A large group of students struggles with writing an essay because of a lack of writing skills or knowledge. Moreover, some of them do not have time to focus on writing an essay. Thus, they search for an essay writer online so that they can purchase it and meet the submission deadline. Here, our role comes into the picture. We are online to take orders from students and assist them to meet the deadline by writing their assignments. We assign professional writers to write the essay in a way professional way. Our goal is to serve every student so that their burden can be reduced and allow them to focus on study.

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Nothing is worse for a student than receiving a bad grade on an argumentative essay. This can be due to various reasons such as poor time management, lack of reference materials, or even lack of motivation at the very end of the project. The important thing is that students learn from their mistakes and apply these lessons to future arguments.

The best way to improve grades on an argumentative essay is by following a proper structure and using appropriate citations from a reference list. I see a lot of students making many mistakes when it comes to writing this type of paper, so hopefully, my advice can be helpful in bettering your grades and avoiding these pitfalls. Another option is using an online platform and asking to write my argumentative essay. You will get a professional writer who will write and deliver your argumentative essay within the due date and allow you to meet the submission date.

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