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Before proceeding ahead, let us discuss the basic concepts of digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing, at its core, is a way of promoting a product or service via the internet. It's a term that encompasses many different disciplines and strategies. For example, finding new customers online through search engine optimization (SEO) could fall under the umbrella of digital marketing. Over time, digital marketing has become such an all-encompassing term for so many different types of online marketing.

The term digital marketing refers to the use of the internet and computer technology to communicate a message regarding products or services, as well as direct marketing over electronic systems such as email. Digital marketing has three main purposes:

  1. Attracting customers by providing valuable content
  2. Identifying and cultivating prospective customers
  3. Learning about customer behavior and preferences through data collection (McDonald 59).

Digital marketing has become popular due to its high potential for reaching mass audiences at a minimal cost. However, with these benefits come new challenges for marketers.

Usage and importance of digital marketing in businesses.

Marketers have found that the use of digital technologies including social media tools, search engine optimization (SEO), and website optimization are valuable tools in their effort to attract new customers and to maintain relationships with current customers. Additionally, digital marketing can be used to help companies reach out and communicate to a wider group of individuals. In addition to making, it easy for marketers to interact with their audiences by providing access across different channels, digital channels also provide cost-effective ways in reaching larger groups of people cheaply through targeted messages.

With digital marketing, businesses can aim for a wide range of audiences. Digital advertising provides an inexpensive and easy way to reach many customers and create brand awareness and loyalty. While this may also be achieved through traditional marketing efforts, marketers that rely on word of mouth, referral marketing, or repeat exposure are able to benefit from spending less money and having less impact on the environment. Digital marketing is also beneficial to businesses that are looking to reach new markets and find new customers.

Nowadays, with the ever-increasing popularity of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., marketers have begun exploring ways in which these platforms can benefit their business. Social media networks act as a platform that connects people from across the world with similar interests. The popularity of social media networks is growing tremendously and businesses are taking advantage of this opportunity by creating their own Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, etc. But along with these benefits come a number of issues regarding security, influence, and marketing effectiveness.

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Key digital marketing strategies.

Every organization develops its own digital marketing strategies based on its needs and nature of business. However, below discussed are some of the key digital marketing strategies that an organization should consider while designing and developing digital marketing strategies.

Use social media to attract customer

One great digital marketing strategy is to attract customers through social media. This can be an effective method for those who own a business as it allows the opportunity for free advertisement, as well as building communities and relationships with current and potential customers.

Building a company profile on social media sites

Create a page for the company on popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and others. Use these pages to publish content about the company, share information with followers or fans, encourage engagement through polls or contests. This will attract new customers who are interested in the content being published.

Utilize online forums

Another method to use social media for digital marketing strategies is through an online forum. Forums are networks of discussion topics where people with similar interests get together to share thoughts and ideas. These forums can be used for marketing purposes by making a profile that is dedicated to the business, then posting about the company's services or products, as well as encouraging customers who are already visiting the forum to talk about their experiences with the business.

Giveaways on social media

Social media websites are also a great place to run contest giveaways in order to attract customers. Starting contests is an easy way to get more engagement on social media profiles. To increase participation, use simple contests like sharing entries through social media or simply encouraging more likes on posts.

Post videos

Sharing videos is also another great way to get more views on social media websites such as YouTube or Vimeo. Create a series of short, entertaining videos for viewers to share with their friends and family which will help increase viewership. This can also be done as a contest where viewers can vote on which videos, they like best. The company may also choose to feature the videos of participants who engage with their social media profiles.

Use social media events

Hosting an event on social media sites is another great way to increase views of the company's profiles. Set up a virtual, or even real-world event where people who are interested will get together with others who have similar interests. This can be done by inviting fans to chat about the company, talk about how it started, or simply provide more information about the service or product.

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