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What is a literature review?

A literature review is defined as an analysis of the publication records and research findings of a group of authors to identify patterns or determine the state of knowledge in a particular field (Creswell, 2009). Literature reviews are commonly found in academic journal articles, where they provide an overview of previous studies on the topic. Researchers conduct literature reviews in order to synthesize the existing literature, to help determine whether further research into the topic is necessary, and how current knowledge can be built upon (Urdan & Turner, 2005).

The process of conducting a literature review begins by deciding what type of research question will be answered. The researcher should choose an appropriate topic that has already been studied and that can be investigated using the scientific method (Urdan & Turner, 2005). Once a topic has been identified, it is important to conduct multiple literature searches. The first search should provide general background information about the topic. This search will yield studies that are most relevant to refining or providing details for the research question (Creswell, 2009). A second search will be conducted to find the most up-to-date studies that were published after the first literature review. This search should yield results from more recent studies or reviews on the topic (Urdan & Turner, 2005).

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How to write a literature review?

A literature review is a section in a research paper that provides information about the published works on the topic. A literature review does not present new facts or findings but it contains an evaluation and interpretation of different writers' opinions on a certain subject. Notice that it must include only materials that are relevant to your study. You should start with providing the author's name including the title of work and date. Then you should provide general information about the work like its genre, main idea, or thesis. You can also write why this work is important for your research; what key concepts are presented; which theories it uses; whether he/she makes any criticism to previous works. All these things will help you to build a picture of how this work is connected to other works. Then you should go deeper and write how it connects to your research topic or what can be found in the publication that will help you to fulfill your study.

The literature review is a very important part of the research paper because it shows readers where your opinions come from and whether they are reliable or not. It also shows whether your paper is well-grounded in the research context or not. You should provide the most important information with the main ideas of the work and then go into details. The most important thing about literature review is that it must be connected to your study. If you just read one publication and write its abstract, it will not be seen as a literature review. Remember to present the connection between your publication and other publications on the topic.

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