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What is leadership?

Leadership is best defined as taking charge of leading people towards a specific goal. This can be done by gaining their trust and support to build a solid foundation. By getting everyone on board with the same vision, it's easier to accomplish that which would otherwise prove difficult with disunity. A leader must be willing to take risks and be strong enough to handle criticism while still sending a clear message of where he or she wants the group to go. By creating this solid foundation people will want to work together in order for the vision to continue forward, this allows for everyone's ideas to be heard which is important when trying to come to a common goal.

Without trust, criticism can break down the foundation of the group leading to instability and discord within the ranks. A leader must also be flexible. Many situations require different approaches towards achieving that goal because people are complex and many factors have to be considered before a decision needs to be made. Flexibility is key in being able to deal with changing circumstances or new challenges. A leader must not only be willing to take risks but be able to handle the criticism that comes with it. They also need to keep an open mind and remember they are dealing with people whose lives may be affected by the decision which is why trust is so important between a leader and his or her followers.

What is leadership assessment?

Leadership assessment is a process by which individuals or groups can measure their Leadership skills. Leadership is not easy to measure, so different Leadership assessment tools have been developed over the years. The most popular Leadership assessment tool is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), which measures four dimensions of personality:

  • Extraversion/introversion
  • Sensing/intuition
  • Thinking/feeling
  • Judging/perceiving

The Leadership Assessment Instrument (LAI) is another popular Leadership assessment tool. The LAI measures six dimensions of Leadership:

  • Vision
  • Integrity
  • Courage
  • Commitment
  • Competence
  • Leadership style

Who can answer Leadership questions?

You may already know the type of Leadership question you are facing, but an expert will be able to help. You might need Leadership assignment help on a particular topic or subject area depending on your level of knowledge and expertise with it. The more specific your question is, the easier it will be to find someone who can answer it.

Some Leadership questions are best answered by individuals, while others can be better answered by groups. The following are some examples of Leadership questions that can be answered by individuals:

  • How do I develop my Leadership skills?
  • What is my Leadership style?
  • What motivates me to be a Leader?
  • How do I deal with difficult Leadership situations?
  • What Leadership qualities do I possess?

Some Leadership questions are best answered by groups:

  • How does our team work together to achieve results?
  • What is our team's vision and how do we communicate it effectively?
  • How do we handle conflict within the team?
  • How do our Leadership roles affect team dynamics?

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